Let’s Play Blackjack!

Online blackjack

play blackjackIf you wanted to play blackjack in the past, you would have to drive to a casino. Today’s world offers more convenience. You can play from the comfort of your own home. Also, thanks to advancements throughout the industry over the past decade, online blackjack is now 100% safe. You just need to know where to play. There are a few simple rules to follow to ensure you’re playing in a safe environment. One, make sure you’re playing on Playtech or Microgaming software. Stay away from Real Time Gaming software since they can change their rules and pay-out ratios. If you’re not familiar with pay-out ratios, anything between 97.5% and 98.5% is good.

For further confirmation on trustworthy software, you can use eCOGRA or Technical Systems Testing. Additionally, be sure you’re playing at sites that are licensed in Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Antigua, Barbuda, Kahnawake, Malta, Curacao, or Netherlands Antilles. Stay away from sites licensed in Costa Rica and Cyprus since they have more lax regulations.

What blackjack games to play

Once you decide where to play, you’re going to need to decide what to play. Fortunately, there are many options. However, you want to make sure you make the correct decision so you will increase your odds of online blackjack success.

atlantic-city-blackjack Bonus Blackjack spanish-blackjack vegas-downtown-blackjack vegas-strip-blackjack




The best odds you’re going to find are in Vegas Strip Blackjack, where the house edge is only 0.34%.  Atlantic City Blackjack is a close second with 0.35%. These variations of the game are classics, which is why the house edge is so low.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack offers a house edge of just 0.38%, but splitting aces and hitting a blackjack doesn’t beat the dealer’s blackjack. Bonus Blackjack is exciting because you can win 50-1 if you’re dealt Ace-Jack of spades, but the house edge is slightly higher at 0.39%. This is still a very exciting variation of the game with huge potential. A $10 bet would net you $500 if you hit the Ace-Jack of spades. And it’s possible you will win your session without it anyway.

Spanish Blackjack is also exciting because if you are dealt 777 and the dealer shows a 7, then you will be paid 50-1. Overall, the house edge in Spanish Blackjack is 50-1. The house edge for European Blackjack is 0.39% because the dealer wins if you both hit blackjack.

Online casinos to play blackjack

wildjack casinoWhen you’re ready to play online blackjack, be sure to look at all the features an online casino offers. For instance, see what bonuses are being offered. As an example, at the time of this writing, Wild Jack Casino is offering a $10 bonus with no deposit required. Also, see what kind of support is being offered. Does the casino offer telephone and online chat?

gaming-club-casinoGaming Club Casino scores highly in this area, offering phone support for 10 countries. Any online casino that’s established in 10 countries is certainly legit. In addition to support, make sure you check out the banking options. Almost every online casino will make it easy for you to deposit money, but only the best of them will make it easy to withdraw your money. Platinum Play is great in this regard, where withdrawal requests only take 24 hours to be processed.