Blackjack Basic Strategy

Types of Blackjack Games

double exposure blackjackThere are various types of blackjack games. While the goal is to reach 21 in any of the games, there are variations. This includes one-deck Blackjack as well as four and eight-deck Blackjack. Double Exposure Blackjack, commonly referred to as Head’s Up, is where eight decks of cards are used and all of the dealer’s cards are dealt face up.


Spanish_21_BlackjackSpanish Blackjack is also played across some casinos, which is where a deck consists of 48 instead of 52 cards because the 10 cards are removed, thus making it harder to achieve a blackjack. The most common form of Blackjack played is Vegas Strip blackjack, which has a lower house edge due to the use of four decks of cards.


Blackjack Basic Strategy

basic blackjack strategyCountless blackjack strategies occur and it all depends on the game that is being played. Knowing the table rules is important because of how the dealer has to hit. Most casinos require a dealer to hit on 16, which means that there is the chance of busting. If the player holds cards that add up to 17 through 21, they should always stand because it is not likely that there will be a low value card. If a pair of cards is dealt, there is the option of splitting. It depends on what the dealer is showing.

Aces should always be split while tens should never be split. If an 11 is dealt, the suggested strategy is to double the bet in anticipation of a face or ten card, which would result in a blackjack or win. There are strategies online that can be used to help a person understand the approach that should be taken.

The blackjack basic strategy varies when there are different variations in play. With Double Exposure Blackjack, the dealer cards are revealed, so there is no guesswork as to what the second card is. This means that the play should be handled just as if it were a person’s own. For example, if the dealer is showing an 11, there is the assumption that they are going to hit and get a 10, thereby getting a 21. As a result, a player should hit on what they have assuming it is less than a 17. Spanish 21 is also unique because there is a significantly reduced chance to be dealt a card valued at 10 since it can only be achieved from face cards.


Benefits of Online Blackjack

blackjack touch iphoneNew technology has made it easier to play real money blackjack now than ever before. It can be played 24/7 from a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer and in a secure atmosphere. This ensures that players can work on their strategies without taking a drive to an actual casino.

Many casinos are also adopting a new product called Live Dealer which involves a live cam of a dealer so that there is the presence of a real person dealing all of the hands to the player. Online blackjack can be played regardless of the number of players online, so there is never any chance of having to wait for a table or be “out” because of table limits being too high.