Online Blackjack in Australia

What is blackjack?

blackjack onlineBlackjack is the world’s most commonly played casino card game. It is based on an earlier game named Twenty-One with an unknown background, though the famous sixteenth century author Miguel de Cervantes from Spain, who was also a gambler, wrote extensively concerning the game. Blackjack’s origins form from the introduction of  Twenty-One into the United States.

Special incentives were added to the original game, including emphasis on the jacks of spades and clubs, hence the name blackjack. Many variants of blackjack are played throughout the world; of these, pontoon is most significant in Australia.

Blackjack online in Australia

Online Blackjack in AustraliaThe Internet has opened up many possibilities for gambling that were not available in the past. Blackjack online provides an excellent opportunity for those new to the game looking to build their strategy and master the skills of the game. It serves as great practice to begin learning the game well, especially since there are options to play without risking any money.

Regardless of expertise level, people choosing to gamble online find the play less stressful. There is no rush to make a play as there is at a casino. There is also the advantage of concentration; the distractions that are rampant in casinos are not existent when you play blackjack online.

According to Aussie Casino Online, casino blackjack is a $3.5 billion industry in Australia. However, the online blackjack industry is growing immensely, largely for reasons of security. The same article states that laws protect online players yielding an increase of online gambling. Nevertheless, the Interactive Gambling Act prohibits Australian companies from offering games with financial reward online for residents of Australia, so all safe and legal online gambling for Australians must come from sites based in other countries. Seeking out an blackjack online site that has held a good reputation for at least five years, therefore, helps to further the player’s security. Nearly 80% of Australians gamble at least once per year, and online gambling may be increasing the amount of gambling an average citizen does within a year according to recent studies.

Online blackjack casinos

Wild Jack Casino is highly appreciated for its long-standing reputation of security and popularity as part of the Jackpot Factory group. Its download size is very small; it includes a wide variety of games, offers varying blackjack options, good aesthetics, and excellent customer support. Mummy’s Gold Casino is an offshoot of the highly regarded Mr. Green. It carries licenses that ensure ethical play with multiple options for play and formatting. The pay-outs with Mummy’s Gold are among the highest available on the Internet.

Lucky Nugget Casino has been in operation since 1988 making it one of the most established gaming sites on the web. The company has invested greatly in the best software to ensure the security of online gamers; likewise, its Gibraltar license ensures further safety. Gaming Club Casino offers its security as being part of the larger Jackpot City Casino organisation. Minimum deposits are only $20 but can be much larger offering a variety of options regarding how much a player is willing and able to pay for initial play; it also means that higher winnings are available than at many other sites because of the ability for higher initial deposits. Platinum Play similarly offers a variety of options from free play to high deposit/high pay-out.

As technology improves, online gaming is no longer limited to the computer. As a result of smartphones and tablets, gaming can occur almost anywhere. Not all online casinos offer these capabilities, but the demand for them is growing, so the number of casinos offering them is also continuing to grow exponentially.